Community College

An open space for reflection and action for Students and Young Professionals.

How does all of this concern me? What kind of - practical, critical, transformative – agency can art have beyond the artistic field? In the framework of its program, the Community College provides a place for sharing, networking, and active reflection on what collective forms of exchange about exhibitions might look like.

The program includes group meetings, discussions, exhibition visits, workshops, and excursions that connect the presented art with personal experiences and social issues.

Community College members who are up for a more profound commitment will encounter a “learning by doing” framework for the discussion and collective development of ideas that eventually – with the support of the team of Kunsthalle Wien – will find a practical realization as part of the institution’s public program (see below for information on past projects).

Current Community College project in the framework of the exhibition Hysterical Mining: The Black Box Issues – Risking translations of what is only partly understood

Statements by Community College members: We address complex issues touching on the interconnections of technology, society, art & science: we are cross-disciplinary. We translate our research process into tangible interventions to trigger debate within a broader audience and provide tools for reflection. Finding ways out of being lost in diversity; finding ways to enjoy it; exploring knowledge and ignorance about things; (re) discovering. Where you can be reflective and reflexive and not feel like you are the only crazy person in town!


The Black Box Issues