The Denkfabrik (“Think Tank”) is open to all friends of Kunsthalle Wien. Members meet regularly for discussions with Kunsthalle Wien employees, artists, and other invited guests. The Denkfabrik provides a space to discuss current issues in contemporary art. Moreover, in their interaction with Kunsthalle Wien, visitors are motivated to develop new viewpoints of what an exhibition hall is and can be.

The Denkfabrik is accessible to all young people and offers a “learning by doing” approach amidst the current art scene. It opens up the unique possibility to collaborate with an art institution, meet likeminded peers, and at the same time experience the diversity that art has to offer. We welcome the most diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds.

The Denkfabrik is largely self-organized, which is why we are looking for proactive and responsible team members. If you wish to participate, please contact Andrea Hubin at

The annual project of the Denkfabrik in 2017 is the Community College as part of the exhibition How To Live Together.